sang six sad springs

Zweiter Titel:
ein niederösterreichisches Mysterienspiel
Sopran, Sprecher, CD Zuspielung, Video, Elektronik
1204: in Klosterneuburg Abbey monks commit to manuscript a music drama about the struggle between sceptical reason and the power of suffering imagination. 1975: shortly before he dies, a patient in the nearby mental hospital reveals his visions to his psychiatrist. 2005: The musical notation of the monks script is deciphered. 2010: a recomposed version of the music drama for vocal ensemble, live visuals and electronics alongside video recorded reenactments of the medical protocols and drawings by a fellow patient now tell their parallel tales from either side of the open border between belief and delusion. Ausführende: Lore Lixenberg (Ensemble/Vokalimprovisation), Gregory Rose,Andy Morton; Live Elektronik: Norbert Math; pre-recorded electronics: Mark Webber; Sprecher Johann Leutgeb.
1. Stunde
4. September 20
Uraufführung Ort:
Schloss Wolkersdorf
lixenberg-webber consort
für Profis
Robert Jamieson Crow