A Portrait of the Performing Artists as

The MAX BRAND Ensemble

From left ti right: Sun Yi, Mario Rom, Balduin Wetter, Joanna Lewis, Simon Frick, Arne Kircher, Tibor Kövesdi, Alfred Melichar, Richard Graf, Christoph Cech, Matthias Kronsteiner, Annegret Bauerle, Theresa Melichar, Gregor Narnhofer, Martina Engel

Founding concert of “New Music in Lower Austria” on 20 October 2012


The MAX BRAND Ensemble - The New Music Ensemble of Lower Austria

INÖK, the Composers’ Association of Lower Austria, celebrates the great Lower Austrian composer MAX BRAND by a special musical event in his honour. He died at Langenzersdorf in 1980.

On behalf of Richard Graf and through his artistic collaboration with Christoph Cech    The New Music Ensemble of Lower Austria - The MAX BRAND Ensemble was founded during a ceremony in Klangraum Minoritenkirche Krems within the framework of “Days of New Music in Lower Austria 2012”. This ensemble wants to create and promote innovative art and also aims at facilitating new forms of musical perception and appreciation in the spirit and the same vein of MAX BRAND. The concept of  “New Music” comprises a wide spectrum of musical modes of expression. It is characterized by such terms as:

  • experimentally condensed sound acoustics of tonal language  enriched by rhythmic languages of the world
  • parametric and free improvisation
  • contemporary jazz
  • electronic media
  • communication experiments
  • unorthodox  instrumentation and vocalization


These forms of musical practices and performances are to serve as a forum for new ways and methods of progressively lateral thinking in the theory of composition.

In collaboration with the Composers’ Association of Austria there was a number of concerts on the Faroe Islands and in Denmark at the end of June 2013. On this occasion The MAX BRAND Ensemble played some works by some Austrian composers.

Art directors: Christoph Cech and Richard Graf


International MAX BRAND Prize for Composition

As a follow-up measure the International MAX BRAND Prize for Composition will be set up and organized on a global basis by INÖK. The prize-winning composition will be presented and performed on the occasion of  “Days of New Music 2014”.

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