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To ensure that even more exciting and demanding contemporary music by Austrian composers can be heard in lessons, concerts and competitions, the Austrian Composers' Association (ÖKB) has selected works under the direction of Richard Graf and with the collaboration of Ursula Erhart-Schwertmann, which are specially recommended for instrumental training at music schools. This selection includes numerous works from the Lower Austrian Music Edition - details and further suggestions can also be found in the special catalogue Literature Recommendations Prima la Musica of the Lower Austrian Music Edition. As all works were composed by living composers or are not older than 30 years, they also meet the requirements of the Austrian youth music competitions "prima la musica". For the first time, the works are now available centrally via the music database of mica - music austria, making them easier for teachers and pupils to find. The works database is constantly being expanded with new works, so it is always worth taking a look.

The database is available at:


Link to the Prima la Musica catalogue of the Lower Austrian music edition:


For project inquiries, suggestions and further literature references please contact directly the Österreichischen Komponistenbund (ÖKB).



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