MAX BRAND Ensemble

The MAX BRAND Ensemble – The New Music Ensemble of Lower Austria


INÖK honours and celebrates the memory of the great Lower Austrian composer MAX BRAND, who died in Langenzersdorf in 1980. Initiated by Richard Graf and in artistic collaboration with Christoph Cech, The New Music Ensemble of Lower Austria - The MAX BRAND Ensemble was founded during a ceremony in Klangraum Minoritenkirche Krems during the “Days of New Music in Lower Austria 2012”. The ensemble strives to create and promote innovative art and facilitate new forms of musical perception and appreciation in the spirit of MAX BRAND. The concept of  “New Music” comprises a wide spectrum of musical modes of expression. It is characterized by such terms as: experimentally condensed sound acoustics of tonal language enriched by rhythmic languages of the world, parametric and free improvisation, contemporary jazz, electronic media, communication experiments, unorthodox instrumentation and vocalization. These modes are to serve as a forum for new ways of progressive lateral thinking in the art of composition.


Art directors: Christoph Cech and Richard Graf