Kurt Anton HUEBER †


Instrumentation: 2 Violinen

Instrumentation: Violine und Klavier

Instrumentation: gem. Chor a cappella

Instrumentation: Klavier und Röhrenglocken

Instrumentation: Klavier, drei Tamtam und drei Becken

Year of Creation: 1972
Instrumentation: Viola und Klavier

Instrumentation: Violine und Klavier

Curriculum Vitae

1928 born on July 9, 1928 in Salzburg.
1942-1948 Studies at Salzburg Musikhochschule Mozarteum:
Piano with F Ledwinka (1942-1948)
Cello with G. Weigl (1945-1949)
Conducting with P. Walter (1945 1948)
Composition with Joh. Nep. David (1946-1948).
Diploma in Piano and Conducting on June 18, 1948.
1949-1950 Accompanist at Graz Opera.
1950-1954 Studies of Musicology and Romance Languages at Vienna University.
1954 Publication of previously unpublished biographical notes and documents about the composer Giovanni Bononcini: "Oh ultimi anni di Giovanni Bononcini." Notizie e documenti inediti Accademia di Scienze Lettere e Arti of Modena, Society Tipografica Modenese Edition, Modena 1954.
1955 Ph.D. on June 22, 1955. Doctoral thesis: "Die Wiener Opern Giovanni Bononcinis von 1697 bis 1710." (The Viennese Operas of Giovanni Bononcini from 1697 - 1710).
Completion of studies (Conducting) with Clemens Krauss and Hans Swarovskyat the Vienna Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst
1958-1960 Conductor at the Linz Landestheater. Composition of incidental music (see list).
1962- Since 1962 Director of the Wien Döbling branch of the Vienna Conservatory.
1967 City of Vienna`s Prize tor Gomposition.
1968 Opera "Schwarz auf Weiß" (Black and White) based on the subject of Jonathan Swift. Commission by Austrian TV
Inaddition to compositionalactivities, detailedstudies concerning musical acoustics. Subjects of major interest:
Sound structures of bells.
Pseudo harmonic and nonharmonic series of partial sounds.
Nonharmonic vibration systems.
Mathematical fundamental theory of music.
Theory of consonance and dissonance.
Theory of sound colours.
1972 Publication of paper on acoustics "Nachbildung des Glockenklanges mit Hilfe von Röhrenglocken und Klavierklängen" Imitation of the sound of beils by means of tubular beils and piano. Acustica, S. Hirzel Edition, Stuttgart, vol 26, #6.
1975 Pubilcation of study "Neue physikailsche Ableitung des Dreiklanges" (New physical deduction of the triad). Instrumentmaking Musik international 5/75, 29th year, May 1975.
1980 Professorship forAcoustics at the Vienna Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst since 1980.
1985 Lecture "Pseudo-harmonic series of partial sounds, ecmelic structures of their intervals. A new sound spectrum in musictheory" held on May 10, 1985, at the International Symposium for Microtone research, Music with Microtones, Ecmelic Music, at the Salzburg Hochschule für Musik Mozarteum.
This Iecture was pubilshed in 1986, Helbilng K. 0. Edition, Innsbruck/Neu-Rum.
The studies of nonharmonic spectral structures brought the composers works a specific impulse and a characteristic note which manifest themselves particularly in the foiowing compositions:
"Glockenspektren" (Spectra ofbeils) for Piano and Tubular Bells, (1969).
"Spectrales" for Piano, Vibraphone, Tubular Beils, 3 Tamtams and 3 Cymbals, (1970).
"Iris" for Piano, Vibraphone, Tamtam and 3 Cymbals, (1972) and
"Formant spectrale" for large String Orchestra, (1974).
1984 Member of the Board of Directors of the Austrian Composers' Federation since 1984.
Kurt Anton HUEBER †